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Harry styles imagine Tumblr Word count: 834The only downfall to dating Harry Styles was the distance. He never stayed in the same city for more than two nights which made visiting him hard as well, not to mention getting time away to go and see him. It’s two in the morning but it’s also my time to call Harry. “Hi, babe.” I mumble back, my face half smushed by my pillow. I DON’T OWN ANY OF THESE GIFS SO CREDITS GO TO THOSE WHO OWN THEM and why does tumblr still have a 10-image limit pendantharry harry styles harry styles imagine harry styles imagines harry styles blurb harry styles blurbs harry styles angst harry styles fluff harry styles smut brooklyn nine-nine jake peralta amy santiago rosa diaz gina.

Harry Styles Imagines🌸 — MASTERLIST He’ll just be getting off stage and heading back to his hotel room. I reach across Harry’s empty side of the bed for my phone to dial him. MASTERLIST One Shots You watch One Direction x factor videos together Harry has a nightmare You see a picture of Harry holding a baby and realize you want a baby with him Harry comforts you after you.

Dirty harry styles imagines on Tumblr “She is my inspiration and my everything, this one’s for you.” Sweet Creature starts playing throughout the stadium and I close out of the video to send Harry a quick text. Find and follow posts tagged dirty harry styles imagines on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. fairyflossharry. Dirty Harry Imagine for Allie. Harry and I dated for about 2 years and we were in love. I have never felt like that about anybody in my life, not even in my wildest dreams. Want to see more posts tagged #dirty harry styles imagines?

Harry Styles Imagines🌸 - Tumblr “-I just got off the phone with my girlfriend.” He says into the microphone, he pauses waiting for the screams to subside, “I miss her so much it hurts.” The fans get louder all over again. He asked me if I was a Harry styles fan and I merely shrugged. They said the hypnotist then had us both stand up and told us that we were alone with no one else there. Then, in order to get a laugh from the crowd, he told me that I was naked and I quickly tried to cover myself up in front of Harry even though I was fully clothed.

Shitty imagines — Nice to meet you Harry Styles The air is freezing but it’s a breath of fresh air to wake me up. People constantly tagging me on one video in particular. Harry styles x reader harry styles harry styles x y/n harry styles x you imagine harry styles fanfiction fluff cute imagines roommates and they were roommates y/n one direction onedirection niall horan liam payne louis tomlinson zayn malik love imaginelist

Harry styles fluff imagines Tumblr I don’t want to disturb your sleep.” “I’m up now, darling. ” I wrap my blanket around my body and walk over to the balcony. I grab a glass of wine and go on twitter to see my feed scattered with images and videos of tonight’s show. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Could you maybe write something where Harry is dating a younger girl and thing are starting to get serious and she tells him she’s a Virgin. anon ask request harry styles imagine harry styles imagines older!harry harry styles fluff harry styles.

Harry Styles - Dating VS Model - Imagine The stars scattered across the sky with the date of a few days ago. Harry Styles - Dating VS Model - Imagine Enjoy! “Excited for tonight?” Your boyfriend asks you as you the two of you are in the car that was heading towards the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that you were a part of tonight.

Harry Styles Imagines🌸 — “Let’s make a baby, baby” ”“My day was not nearly as exciting as yours.” I laugh, “But it was alright.” I shiver as a cold wind blows by. “It won’t be too much longer, I’ll be home before you know it.”“I’m counting down the days.” I smile, Harry knows that I support him through all of this. “At least we’re looking at the same stars.” He hums. “I try my best.” We keep talking for a long time until Harry catches me continually yawning and forces me to hang up and go to bed. There’s a weird package that’s shaped like a cylinder in the pile. I find a spot in our room and place it on the wall above the dresser. Let’s make a baby, baby” First part of the pregnancy series - Harry and Y/N decide to start trying to have a baby —- You and Harry had been married for almost two years now, and you both loved it.

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